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Round 5 Potters of Barnsley Nov/Beg series

Hi Everyone we are holding the 5th round of The Potters of Barnsley Nov/Beg series this Sunday the 30th Oct at Dovecliffe start is at 11am so remember that the clocks go back one hour on Saturday night so you get an extra hour in bed so you will be fully rested for the event

Monthly Meeting

No meeting this month, next one will be the first Wednesday in November.

Rnd 5 Robinsons Engineering CC Results, Eadonsfield 2nd October 2016

Please see link below to the Rnd 5 CC results. A massive thanks to Steve Partlow and Tony Heath for helping out with the two early starts to get the trial set up, and to the observers on the day and of course to all the riders who attended. Next trial is Round 5 of the Potters of Barnsley Novice and Beginner series, Sunday 30th of October @ Dovecliffe 11am.


Results Potters of Barnsley Rnd 4 at Grimethorpe

results-potters-round-4-2016 Click the link to get the results we hope everyone enjoyed the trial. We had great weather for it and also got every section observed which is great. A big thanks to the setting out guys Tony,Steve and Chris also thanks to the landowner Steve. Next trial is in 2 weeks a Robinson Engineering Club Champs on the 2nd October at Edensfield.

Potters Of Barnsley Nov+Beg Rnd 4 Grimethorpe Sunday 18th Sept 11am start

The club has heard that a few riders didnt get the message that we had changed round 4 of the Potters of Barnsley Nov/ Beg series. We had put posts on the web site and on facebook as well as the TMX a few weeks ago. So just to clarify the Event will be at Grimethorpe this coming Sunday the 18th Sept. sorry about the confusion but sometimes we have to change dates and we try to give as much warning as possible. Please pass the word round.

2016 Calendar

  • Robinsons Club Championship Series

  • Round 1
  • Sunday 28th of February @ Westwood 11am
  • Round 2
  • Sunday 24th of April @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Round 3
  • Sunday 15th of May @ Thurlstone Quarry 11am
  • Round 4
  • Sunday 24th of July @ Hood Green 11am
  • Round 5
  • Sunday 2nd of October @ Venue to confirm
  • Round 6
  • Sunday 11th of December @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Potters of Barnsley Novice & Beginners Series

  • Round 1
  • Sunday 31st of January @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Round 2
  • Sunday 13th March @ Grimethorpe 11am
  • Round 3
  • Sunday 22nd May @ Hood Green 11am
  • Round 4
  • Sunday 11th of September @ Westwood 11am
  • Round 5
  • Sunday 30th of October @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Round 6
  • Sunday 27th of November @ Westwood 11am
    • Road & Trials Evening Series

    • Round 1
    • Wednesday 8th of June @ Westwood
    • Round 2
    • Wednesday 22nd of June @ Dovecliffe
    • Round 3
    • Wednesday 6th July @ Westwood
    • Round 4
    • Wednesday 20th July @ Dovecliffe
    • Ben Carlile Charity Trial

    • Sunday 3rd April 11am start @ Westwood
    • 2 day Camping Weekend

    • Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th August @ Westwood
    • Xmas Trial

    • Sunday 18th December @ Dovecliffe 11am
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