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Round 5 Potters of Barnsley Novice and Beginners Results

Round 5 N&BWould like to Thank Alan Laybourn Steve Partlow Phill Firth Emley Refinishers Aaron Williams,for help setting out,our Observers David Heath Keith Hobson Klyton? and anybody else that took a board in hand,or helped take in sections at the end Chris Wilson,Brandon ,and every rider that turned up to the event,hope is was enjoyable for most,and also thanks to the new land owner for letting us use Thurlstone Quarry.

Rnd 5 Potters of Barnsley Novice & Beginners Trial

Round 5 of the 2017 Potters of Barnsley Novice and Beginner series, 11 am start at Thurlston ,Nr Penistone Sunday 17 September. White Beginner route, Yellow Easy route, Hard route and 50/50 split between Easy and Hard route. No ACU license required as we run under the AMCA, £12 entry for adults, £10 Youth A/B and £5 Youth C/D. Electric bikes allowed age 4 upwards, petrol bikes age 6 and upwards. Please Note Entries will close 15 minutes before start. Hope to see you there,Ps Riders that bring an observer get a free ride,or any other observers get £10

Monthly Meeting

Hi our monthly meeting is at the Fox & Hounds Shafton tomorrow Wednesday 6th 8.0pm all welcome have attached the agenda any other points can be raised in any other buisnessBTC Agenda 6th September 2017

Results 2 Day Trial at Edensfield

Hi Everyone here are the results from this weekends 2 day Trial at Edensfield it was a bit shy on the numbers entering but it was a good trial which i certainly enjoyed and a big thanks to Steve Partlow, Andy Sagar, Tony Heath for setting out and for everyone who rode and observed the trial, also thanks to everyone on the Sunday for hanging on and helping tidy up and get the sections in. Monthly meeting at the Fox & Hounds this Wednesday 8.0pm2 Day Edensfield Trial weekend Sept 2017

Round 4 Potters of Barnsley Novice & Beginners Results

Round 4 N&Bwould like to thank Alan Laybourn,stephen partlow,Chris Wilson for setting out and signing people on,observers that was few and far between, on sections 5 & 6 Richard & Christine as usual do an excellent job Tony Heath jnr on section 7,the riders that turned up to support the club,hope you all enjoyed the trial.

2016 Calendar

  • Robinsons Club Championship Series

  • Round 1
  • Sunday 28th of February @ Westwood 11am
  • Round 2
  • Sunday 24th of April @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Round 3
  • Sunday 15th of May @ Thurlstone Quarry 11am
  • Round 4
  • Sunday 24th of July @ Hood Green 11am
  • Round 5
  • Sunday 2nd of October @ Venue to confirm
  • Round 6
  • Sunday 11th of December @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Potters of Barnsley Novice & Beginners Series

  • Round 1
  • Sunday 31st of January @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Round 2
  • Sunday 13th March @ Grimethorpe 11am
  • Round 3
  • Sunday 22nd May @ Hood Green 11am
  • Round 4
  • Sunday 11th of September @ Westwood 11am
  • Round 5
  • Sunday 30th of October @ Dovecliffe 11am
  • Round 6
  • Sunday 27th of November @ Westwood 11am
    • Road & Trials Evening Series

    • Round 1
    • Wednesday 8th of June @ Westwood
    • Round 2
    • Wednesday 22nd of June @ Dovecliffe
    • Round 3
    • Wednesday 6th July @ Westwood
    • Round 4
    • Wednesday 20th July @ Dovecliffe
    • Ben Carlile Charity Trial

    • Sunday 3rd April 11am start @ Westwood
    • 2 day Camping Weekend

    • Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th August @ Westwood
    • Xmas Trial

    • Sunday 18th December @ Dovecliffe 11am
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